Grace International Fellowship

The Word Works Church is a member of Grace International Fellowship.  Bishop Jeffrey J. Davis is a Founding Father and serves as the 1st Assistant to Presiding Bishop RJ Burt.

Upcoming Events

Grace International Fellowship will host its Annual Fellowship Conference July 20-22, 2016 in Milwaukee, WI.  Register TODAY at View the conference itinerary as well as get lodging information. 



















About Grace

Grace International Fellowship (Grace) was born of Divine mandate, purposed of God, and placed in the spirit of its presiding Bishop, R.J. Burt, in 1991.


Bishop Burt was led by the Holy Spirit to share his God given vision of a fellowship that would serve as a covering and support system for churches in their quest to not only grow, but to experience Healthy Growth.


In his sharing in 2001, Bishop Burt met with Bishop Jeffrey Davis and Bishop Joseph Kidwell. They would confirm that through the Spirit of God, each of them had been given unction to encourage Bishop Burt that the time to move forward with the vision had come. Hence, Grace International Fellowship was established and along with Bishop Burt as the presiding Bishop, Bishop Jeffrey Davis, Bishop Joseph Kidwell, Bishop Keith Smith, and Bishop Cornelius Roberson would become the Founding Fathers and established as the Bishop’s Council of Grace International Fellowship!


Grace Commitment

We commit to preach and teach the Word of God to engage sinners to come to Christ and saints to be edified and encouraged.


We commit to be a communication link between pastors, ministers, and churches who may have previously been isolated from one another because of denominational differences.


We commit to fellowship expression that builds, exhorts, and comforts one another such as fellowship meetings, conventions, and retreats.


We commit to provide a perimeter of defense against the devil by the establishment of relationships and fellowship in prayer.


“Serving Together to Transform Churches”


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